About Debra

Debra Amerson is a northern California artist who has created right livelihood with her niche business called Deeper Green Artistic Interiors. With 35 years in the interior plantscape design industry, Amerson  differentiates her business with a long standing green, social and environmental commitment, non-toxic plant care approach, the continual use of reclaimed, recycled and nature inspired materials and original decorative art.

Amerson lives in a tiny rural village in west Marin County, 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean.  She travels locally and abroad and photographs thousands of images and buys antique books to use later to create her unique abstract and nature inspired graphics that later become a part of her unique artistic style of “painting with paper.”

This method of art making adorns canvases, planter boxes, reclaimed wood panels, indoor plant hydration systems and any art object that serve as support for her abstract storyline collages used to adorn her clients spaces, specifically a French torn paper collage technique she learned as a child from her grandmother called “Dechirage.”  By ripping up her own photos and those on antique specialty books, Amerson transforms these into entirely new visual art work.  This technique allows her to create new original images quite different from her original photographs. The work provides an intimate view into various nature subjects and dynamic dimension, far from the 2D art.

The Dechirage process begins with torn paper at random, one destroys a work to recreate another: the randomness and destructuring of this artistic expression is particularly interesting. There is a partial disintegration of art and its rebirth. To freeze the work, Debra Amerson generously apply liquid glue, under and on paper that “blind” the final vision of her works. The pictorial aspect, the organic texture and graphic universe out of these original creations leave intact surprises made by the artist.

Weather she and her team of Horticultural Artisans uses pots, interior plant hydration systems, wood panels or canvas, a fixative and UV protective layer is always added to preserve the colors over the long term. Vibrant colors spring forth from these original works… Art and design co-mingle in these perfectly imperfect works of art brimming with creativity and passion.   Due to weight and freight, Deeper Green currently sells its pots, planters to clients based locally in northern California.

Debra Amerson’s  art, design and photography are widely available online.  Fine art prints and art gift shops are available at the following links:



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