“Debra, founder and creative heart of Deeper Green Living has been doing her amazing work for many years. Her level of experience itself, puts her in a league of her own — far ahead of the others who’ve come along to this business and environmental philosophy only recently. She can transform a personal or professional space to its full, vibrant, living potential. I have worked with Debra in the Washington, DC days of her long, and energetic career, and am proud to have seen the amazing end result of that hard work, and know that it still flourishes today. You would be lucky to have her create for you!”


Progressive Plant Care™

Nurture • Maintain • Sustain • Beautiful • Lush • Healthy

Pro Plant Care- begins right after your new beautiful interior plants are installed our behalf.  Deeper Green offers our clients several options of engagement:

Weekly • Monthly • Bi-Monthly • Quarterly • Yearly

Pro Plant Care™ Service includes:

  • We’re committed to keeping your plants in the best possible health under our pro care.
  • Watering & spritzing plant leaves as needed
  • Clean plant foliage
  • Rotate plants as needed
  • Keep the decorative soil surface materials looking good
  • Basic pruning to maintain the most natural organic look possible when specific plant shapes are desired & plant shaping
  • Plant disease diagnosis
  • Use 100% non-toxic chemical free pest treatments
  • Removal and replacement of unattractive plants
  • Free 3 year Plant Replenishment Warranty
  • Trouble shoot No Drought™ Interior Plant Hydration Systems
  • Replace No Drought™ system parts as needed
  • Feed organic plant food yearly
  • Surface maintenance: keep areas with potted plants free of plant debris
  • Consistent client communications in person, phone, mail, Skype and via email.

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“Debra is professional, knows her plants and plant care and what works well where in your building. She’s also a lot of fun, a pleasure to interact with and a fountain of all sorts of information and connections!”

David Kitts


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