“I have personally known Debra Amerson since 1987 and have always marveled at her creativity, knowledge, business sense, and savvy. Our first of many collaborations, was a business trip to Hana, Maui, to Helani Gardens, a 70 acre tropical nursery, growing rare and exotic species of plants. Debra’s mission was to study golden bamboo for its adaptability and potential growth indoors, under the tutelage of world renowned botanist, Howard Cooper. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work alongside this plant and designer genius a number of times, helping with interior plantscapes and art installations at numerous Whole Foods Markets in the Bay Area.   If you’re looking for someone to design / decorate and deliver an outstanding and most likely a one of a kind masterpiece, then Debra is the person for you. Innovative, productive, progressive, and thoughtful throughout the entire process of each project, Debra will fulfill your dream design with professional attention to detail. And if you give her the reins with an idea of the direction you want to go, she will exceed your expectations exquisitely. Debra is destined to be a leader in her field, always learning and expanding her multifaceted talents in every way possible. While working with Debra, you will be delighted with her professionalism, while “tickled green” with her sense of humor. She is a Wonder Woman in her many fields of Deeper Green Living.”

Gail Ellingsong

Plant Sourcing

natural-foods-store-hand-shake-Deeper-GreenMost foliage for the interior plantscape industry is grown indoors and out in Hawaii, California, Texas and Florida.  Deeper Green has established long-term relationships with Bay-area plant vendors with large greenhouse inventory who help find plant solutions for each customer locally and statewide. We advocate on our clients behalf by choosing the best premium quality acclimated plants for your project.  Our long-term relationships with Bay-area plant vendors ensure your access to premium quality plants.


According to wikipedia acclimation is the process in which an individual organism adjusts to a change in its environment (such as a change in altitude, temperature, humidity, photoperiod, or pH), allowing it to maintain performance across a range of environmental conditions.


Bring The Outside In

  • large specimen plants
  • unique and rare plants
  • exotic plants
  • desert and carnivorous plants
  • replica plants
  • water plants for interior potted fish ponds
  • tropical plants
  • orchid species
  • plants on walls
  • room divider plants

Benefits of interior plants

  • Live plants improve air quality
  • Contribute to human well-being
  • Reduce stress
  • Lower background noise
  • Add visuall beautiful
  • Create relaxing and serene environments
  • Reduce carbon dioxide levels
  • Increase humidity
  • Lower levels of benzene, formaldyhide and nitrogen dioxide
  • Reduce airborne dust levels
  • Keep air temperatures down

“I found Debra to be very creative and super innovative in use of green materials. Her “out of the box” thinking produced timely, efficient, and cost effective solutions. Her good nature helped maintain a friendly and beneficial work environment. Her ability to work with my culturally diverse crew produced harmonious results.”

Richard Sloan


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