“A unique blend of fabric and color!  Beautiful lava Pots looks as if they came from a volcano!  Every lava pot is unique in shape, too!  Definitely worth checking out for any interior design studio!”

Kimberely H.

Handmade Decorative Pots 

Deeper Green is constantly innovating and sourcing unique artistic interior plant pots, planter boxes and decorative containers…

  • Handmade Planter Boxes made with natural & reclaimed materials Outside In™ By Deeper Green and example of Biophyllic Design
    Outside In™ By Deeper Green
  • Cool Plant Condos™ By Deeper Green
  • Plant Towers™ By Deeper Green
  • Art UnderPlants™ By Deeper Green
  • Lava_Pots™ By Deeper Green
  • Planties™ By Deeper Green

“Debra has an amazing talent in creating uniquely designed indoor spaces, using plants, mosaics and artwork. She has a great attention to detail and an ability to combine a variety of materials to create beauty in the unexpected.”

Theresa Tamley

Tamley Architectural Design

  • India-theme-Art-Underplants-Deeper-Green-Artistic-Interiors


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