Deeper Green is an innovative purveyor of artistic designs whose work combining plants with artwork has garnered them recognition among their clients as a leader in nature inspired or biophilic design. They specialize in artistic interiors, grouping interior plants in handmade decorative pots incorporating natural materials and fine art together to create beautiful and memorable spaces that invigorate and refresh the mind and body on a level so deep it can be measured. Deeper Green’s interior plantscapes lend natural beauty to a room with the added restoring balm of clean oxygen, and the addition of abstract painting provides an element of color that provides enhanced physiological well-being.

Debra Amerson, founder of Deeper Green, formerly known as Plantris Productions was contacted by Living Compassion, a nonprofit comprised of Buddhist monks, to prepare a sacred space for them to hold a public and private event. The chosen venue – Herbst Pavilion in San Francisco in Fort Mason – was to be transformed by Debra’s crew to make the monks’ vision a reality. She met with the group’s leaders over dinner and spoke with them by telephone to establish a plan. Then she got to work planning and coordinating.

The proposed undertaking was no small feat – move over 350 plants and trees into the pavilion, and create a gorgeous arrangement for meditation zones, a labyrinth and speaking events. And yet, with a determined tenacity, Debra was able to ask and secure the donation of the needed greenery, and she arranged for their transportation to the pavilion, employing the help of 30+ monks who met at the nursery to load the plants into three moving trucks rented by Living Compassion.

Once there, Debra led the arranging of the vegetation, adorning the trees and potted plants with ethnic fabrics of many colors and placing a vase with fresh-cut flowers on every table. Debra hiked the grounds of her rural property, selecting fresh greenery, mossy branches by hand in order to strategically display them throughout the pavilion.  Her handiwork mingled the sweet hues of Eucalyptus and stellar beauty of Manzanita branches and included offshoots from fragrant California Bay trees.

The event was a huge success. After the guests had departed Sunday night, Debra choreographed the dismantling of the arrangements with the help of her tireless monk assistants. Once again, displaying her rare leadership acumen, she met with the monks, according to their pre-arranged plans, who were to drive the trucks and help return the plants to the Marin County nursery an hour away.  Debra directed the entire operation so that the plant suppliers would be kept from the burden of having to pay their staff to re-stock the vegetation, and the entire project was rewarding on many for everyone who was involved.

The Living Compassion Organization

Living Compassion is a nonprofit organization of Buddhists who work toward the goal of alleviating the suffering of people in all walks of life around the world. They hold workshops with themes of practicing Buddhism and of also relieving fear. Their Vulnerable Children Project in Africa has helped those in poverty with the implementation of principles to promote community empowerment.

They seek to radically transform the areas they come into contact with, seeking solutions to eradicate illiteracy, disease, and the lack of clean drinking water. Where the needs are greatest, their work often begins with first procuring electricity, providing jobs, and seeing to it that the people have adequate housing and a means of gainful employment. They also facilitate financial support through sponsorships that enable people in other countries to become the benefactors to those most in need of help.



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