“Deeper Green, in a friendly and personable way, assessed my needs for my project (bringing my interior style outdoors for a unified look). They suggested changes – from color choice, fabric, furniture, and interior accessories – that were all doable either with what I already had or easily within my budget. What is unique to them is the level of artistry – creative touches such as mosaics, faux painting, wood and metal work. They have extensive resources to fabulous materials (granite, glass, stone, etc.) that would take forever to access on your own. Their selection of appropriate plants took that question off my shoulders which I greatly appreciated. Deeper Green covered cost and timeline so I knew what to expect in advance. Great on-site presence, accessibility and follow through. I highly recommend their services for any interior/exterior project.”


Horticultural Artisans make your space feel “Alive Inside”

Going green with your decorating choices does not mean having to sacrifice beauty, elegance, or sophistication; it simply means you care about our planet.  Deeper Green’s Horticultural Artisans™ bring our creativity, knowledge, gifts and special skills to each and every project we take on.

Our Expertise:

  • Fine Art
  • Interior Plantscapes
  • Interior design
  • MA “Green” Business
  • Permaculture Certification
  • Deep Ecology
  • Product Design
  • Global Travel

Deeper-Green-studios-Forest-Knolls-CA-whiteHandmade in West Marin at Deeper Green Studios we create unique and beautiful indoor garden decor that looks handmade and feels soulful.

After taking input and inspiration from you, your family, or your team, our artisans return to Deeper Green Studios to create one-of-a-kind pots, planter boxes and unique decorative containers as well as source nature inspired pots that best accentuate your home or business. We truly believe that every little detail matters.

Deeper Green wants to help you bring new life into your surroundings with interior plants, fine art, and handmade decorative pots. For example, their interior plantscape designs incorporate Biophyllic Design approach, using many species of beautiful tropical plants in handmade decorative pots made of nature inspired, organic, and recycled materials. Accentuating different aspects of a room with plants, art, color, texture, and sculptural form makes it look and feel “alive inside”.

Fine Art, Sculpture and Custom Graphic Art

Let us enhance the beauty of your environment in new ways.  Deeper Green Studios is located in a beautiful small community in West Marin and is home to 100+ artists, who often collaborate with each other on projects. We can create site-specific art that wows and delights, suggest ideas for a new visual direction, or enhance a current room with unique wall art, sculptures, large format graphics, custom furniture, and unique objects designed specifically for your space.

Original Handmade Mosaics

Deeper Green creates custom handmade stylish, colorful mosaic art for commercial and residential spaces

  • Art objects, murals
  • Home accents and borders
  • Pots, planter boxes
  • Table and counter tops


“When Arti Organic Cafe opened in Lagunitas, Debra Amerson stopped by for lunch and thanked me for an excellent meal, then shared her concern for my café’s survival, since several businesses in my location had come and gone in rural Lagunitas. Debra is a visual artist designer who runs Deeper Green. Debra wanted to ensure that a delicious organic Indian café would survive and she cared enough about my future business success to tell me the truth–that my café did not look-or feel “Arti” and quickly proposed a wonderful win-win solution. Debra explained that she had whole series of beautiful photo-montages in storage after a previous art exhibit closed called “Touched By India” inspired by her travels in India. To help us attract customers and create a one of a kind Indian atmosphere and to get exposure for her art, Debra offered to hang her art indefinitely and as pieces sold she’d make new pieces as replacements.  I said ok, let’s do it. That afternoon, Debra arrived her art and some living plants in beautifully decorated pots. All I could say was wow! Inside, my wait staff, our cook, Debra and I hung the art on the walls. We were so surprised at the wonderful difference inside Arti Café because of Debra’s colorful artwork. And It worked. The San Geronimo Valley community and drive by visitors support us and love our food and the unique Arti atmosphere.   highly recommend Debra Amerson’s business Deeper Green. Like our cook at Arti Café who blends Indian herbs and aromatic spices to create our signature dishes, Debra creatively blends her art and design gifts with green business knowledge to help businesses create unique environments that feel friendly, warm and alive. If you want to see her artwork, please do come and visit my location”

Arti Noel Fernandes

Owner, Arti Indian Organic Cafe


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