Our Mission

Deeper Green Artistic Interiors implements creative & artistic solutions to the environmental crisis, using business to produce innovative green products and services that re-connect humans with nature.


Freshly Brewed Nature Inspired Interiors... Deeper Green Brings The Tropics Inside Sans Bugs & Heat!

An inquiry with Deeper Green begins with an online needs assessment.We review it, listen to your project vision, goals, ideas, budget and concepts. Then, our team of Horticultural Artisans prepare a package option just for you.

An onsite visit is scheduled and upon approval, we get to work, sourcing premium quality plants, creating dynamic hand-made artistic decorative interior pots and planters, locating unique eye-catching decorative containers, and fabricating nature inspired objects to transform your space into a tranquil, restorative area that friends and clients will want to come back to enjoy–again and again.

The remarkable colors, shapes, textures and aromas of tropical plants indoors makes the most of any home and also brings an enhanced customer perception to any health related business serving the Lohas community. From natural food stores, Yoga studios, restaurants, holistic doctor’s offices, progressive organizations, Deeper Green Artistic Interiors can improve employee well being, increase sales, profits, and create enhanced customer experiences.

Deeper Green sources premium quality tropical plants displayed in handmade and unique decorative plant pots and artistic indoor garden planters for interior landscapes. It’s a marvelous energized effect you have to experience first hand.

Please contact our office today to receive your no-obligation needs assessment. You will appreciate our enthusiasm, expertise, and attention to detail. Don't be surprised if this becomes the most inspiring thing you do for yourself all week.

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Our Green Roots

The summer of 1977 spent in Boca Raton Florida tropical gardening with her grandparents started a relationship with plants that endures today.

In 1980, Founder Debra Amerson was 18 when she landed her first professional job maintaining tropical plants at Natural Sellection LTD in Gaithersburg Md.  As a troubled teen, caring for living plants  and seeing the results of her loving care and attention began to heal Debra's own interior landscape and transformed her life.

She later worked for three additional east coast interior plantscape companies while attending college part time. At age 22, she started her own interior plantscape business called Progressive Plantscapes Inc.  By 1987, Debra was traveling to Hawaii on a regular basis to study plants and horticulture and met with the late renoun botonist Howard Cooper, owner of Helani Gardens, a lush 70 acre tropical rainforest garden in Hana.  When visiting Howard, Debra was invited to reside in a 250' Furnished Ficus Tree house... actually living out her childhood Swiss Family Robinson fantasies and further deepening her love of plants and nature.

In 1990, she sold the seven year old company with 70+accounts serving Md, DC and VA and she left Washington DC and moved to the west coast and landed in Emeryville, California.  Debra worked a five month stint at a plant company in the east bay prior to founding Plantris Productions.  While building her second businesss, Debra completed her BA Humanities at New College Of California in San Francisco and promtly entered an MA Business program at CIIS to study new paradigm "green" business  focused on social responsibility & environmental sustainability,   At CIIS, Debra had the pleasure of spending a few weekend workshops studying Deep Ecology with Joanna Macy and also Radical Botony with the late Terrance Mckenna.

Debra landed Whole Foods Market as a premiere fortune 1000 customer, a 15+ year business partnership, designing plant and fine art installations up the west coast from Marin County to Seattle.

Deeper Green has helped other notable natural foods stores such as New Leaf Community Market, Woodacre Country Market and Good Earth natural Foods create beautiful and artistic interior landscapes.

Debra Amerson has spent nearly four decades living her passion through green business ownership.  An exciting mixture of visual artist, eco-designer, and green entrepreneur, Amerson’s robust record of achievements includes serving as a creative, environmentally conscious artist, set and interior designer, and even filmmaker.

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Certifications & Awards

  • Marin County Certified Green Business
  • MA "Green" Business
  • Certified Permaculture Designer
  • Best Project Award, CA Interior Plantscape Association
  • Grand installer’s Award For Whole Foods Market
  • Landscape Contractors of America
  • Best of houzz 2015 Customer Service

"I had an excellent experience working with Debra. We collaboratively designed, built & artfully decorated a 1967 Airstream Overlander trailer. It was in pretty rough shape, but their was a great vision of what it could become with a lot of work and planning. We gutted the trailer interior so we could start over on both the inside and outside. The exterior was polished to a mirror shine and then paint accents were added to showcase the trim & details. The interior received repairs, a few coats of new paint and then we got busy with the new floor plan. Debra wanted to bring the outside in and it was accomplished with an Aluminum Clad polished round top bathroom door. It has an Aluminum opaque port hole in the door. The upper cabinets have aluminum wrapped trim with Acrylic glass. Natural Birch cabinets were built with radius corners & faces. Marmoleum was carefully selected for the floor & the countertops. Lighting was custom made to tie in the details. Many stylish & unique details were selected throughout the trailer providing an Artists touch and creating the Aha's as you use the trailer.  The final touches were Debra's own art. Nearly every knob was a different color and style but coming from a similar design. The colors & details vary and this brings out more of the art & beauty. Then the refrigerator received an artwork inset panel and the front upper cabinet had a custom Decoupage frame applied to the surface. It is made from countless photos and clippings from her travels. The window curtains were made from special material she selected while on another adventure. She brought many creative ideas to this project. We were encouraged to push our limits, increase our skills & adapt to fun new ideas. Debra has a great vision bringing many differing styles & details together to stylishly fit and look as one piece of art. I saw more of Debra's work at her home & studio. She has great talent and an eye for the details. I highly recommend her skills & services."


Avalon RV

Green Ethos

Creating Environments For Well Being Using The Color Of Harmony... Verdant Shades Of Green

When you choose Deeper Green you’re supporting:

  • A Marin County Certified Green Business
  • Our concern for the environment is embedded into our green operations.
  • A woman artist owned green business
  • American nurseries growing super premium quality foliage
  • Environmental sustainability within the daily operational details of Deeper Green.  I  value our long term clients, team; the living plants in our care, the green business we operate and our impact on our local community.
  • Use of reclaimed materials in our custom manufactured products, decorative planters, pots, and planter boxes.
  • Compost all plant debris from jobs if no on site recycling is unavailable.
  • Our Pro Plant Care Service approach is non- toxic.
  • We use recycled office file cabinets
  • Employ No Drought™ water saving irrigation systems for indoor plants made of upcycled plastic.
  • Recycle printer ink cartridges
  • Place living plants in buildings to add beauty, function and to fight indoor air pollution
  • Recycled junk mail and office paper
  • We have low voltage led office / studio lighting
  • Use of non-toxic cleaning materials
  •  Our web site host, InMotionhosting.com is committed to reducing their carbon footprint by opening the first green data center in Los Angeles.
  • A fuel efficient vehicle for short trips and for larger jobs, a large diesel truck pulls a hitch trailer as needed to increase the miles between fuel refills, cut pollution, lower fuel costs
  • Our bamboo office/art studio flooring is FSC bamboo refinished with water-based polyurethane.
  • We use cloud storage

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"I was extremely impressed with Debra's talents and skills as a designer.  What she created for a Native American wedding was truly magnificent as she transformed a beautiful vintage barn into a five star venue with charm, warmth, and country character. She designed, created, and implemented all of the fabulous décor.  It is a privilege to have encountered such a wonderfully talented, kind-hearted and generous individual.  If you have the opportunity to hire Debra and Deeper Green for your venue designer, you will be overjoyed with the end results and your guests will remember and treasure the memories that she created for your special occasion.  Debra is Five Stars all the way!!!!"


The Vow Keeper


Going green with your decorating choices does not mean having to sacrifice beauty, elegance, or sophistication; it simply means you care about our planet.

After taking input and inspiration from you, your family, or your team, we will create a one-of-a-kind space for your home or work life.  And we fully believe that every little detail matters.

We want to help you breathe new life into your surroundings with interior plants in beautiful, unique and handmade decorative pots, perfect for accentuating aspects of rooms with color, texture and sculptural form.  Water features? Sure!

Indoor Air Pollution Solutions

Deeper Green uses living plants inside all spaces, especially in airtight buildings, to remove toxic and allergy causing gasses. Most people spend their day inside buildings, which can be full of harmful pollutants, chemicals, and fumes from formaldehyde and benzene found in such common products as tissues, carpet, gas stoves, plywood glues, plastics, fabrics, wall coverings, and furniture. These chemicals out gas and contribute heavily to allergy related symptoms such as itchy eyes, skin rashes, drowsiness and headaches.

Living plants purify air, so the best way to reduce these allergic effects is to integrate live plants into your design scheme, which is a wonderful indoor air pollution solution.

Benefits of interior plants

  • Live plants improve air quality
  • Contribute to human well-being
  • Reduce stress
  • Lower background noise
  • Add visuall beautiful
  • Create relaxing and serene environments
  • Reduce carbon dioxide levels
  • Increase humidity
  • Lower levels of benzene, formaldyhide and nitrogen dioxide
  • Reduce airborne dust levels
  • Keep air temperatures down

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Giving Back

Below are the non-profits and community businesses that we work with and support to keep Marin and the greater San Francisco Bay Area beautiful and bountiful.

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  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Marin Humane Society
  • San Geronimo Valley Community Center
  • Seva Foundation
  • Rainforest Action Network
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Fairfax Chamber of Commerce
  • Green Plants for Green Buildings


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