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“Debra is a visionary green social entrepreneur who has been on the cutting edge of sustainability and leveraging the tools of business for the greater good — way ahead of the curve. She has been an inspiration as well as a trusted advisor and collaborator on events and festivals. She has a stellar eye and instincts, whether for plantscapes; visual art, branding and design; film-making or for scouting outstanding entertainers. Simply put, Debra is a highly experienced and talented leader you can trust, and an asset to any project. “

Hannah Doress


Deeper Green Artistic Interiors implements creative & artistic solutions to the environmental crisis, using business to produce innovative green products and services that re-connect humans with nature.

Deeper-Green-Marin-County-CA-Kitchen-Specimen-Split-Leaf-Monstera-PhilodendronMulti-Sensory Spaces… Nature Inspired Ambiance

Tranquil. Restorative. Energizing.

Deeper Green Artistic Interiors are THE interior landscape specialists, who green, eco-minded businesses and residential clients choose.

Artist owned Deeper Green are known in Marin County as Horticultural Artisans, their specialty is creating unique healthy, artistic, spaces that look and feel alive, authentic, comfortable & impressive. Deeper Green’s artistic and nature based approach exemplifies Biophyllic Design. They start with fabulous acclimated premium quality tropical plants re-potted into No Drought™ Interior Plant Hydration Systems and housed in Deeper Green’s unique brand of nature inspired handmade decorative pots, planter boxes and plant décor for interior plants.  By integrating aspects of the natural world into their products in beautiful and organic ways, it  promotes human health and well being and encourages creativity and productivity within built spaces.

Deeper Green’s artistic & industry award-winning approach, 35 years of passionate knowledge for plants of all kinds, global perspective, plus their Green Certified Business and non toxic Pro Plant Care approach, enable them to create, cultivate & maintain far more diverse and exciting plant displays than those usually seen in most homes and businesses.  Deeper Green creates one of a kind low maintenance plant displays in custom pots to make your home or business look & feel alive inside!

Not only do plants contribute fresh oxygenated air while removing harmful indoor air pollutants, plants indoors add an almost spiritual quality that can most definitely lower stress while improving mood, productivity and wellbeing.  Integrating natural, reclaimed and recycled materials in their art, decorative pots and interior plant accessories, Deeper Green creates positive energy inside spaces… re- connecting humans with the natural world.


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